Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance

Buying or selling a home or undeveloped property can be scary.  Your home is likely the largest financial purchase that you will make in your lifetime. Paradigm Title, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuhn Garver, LLC and it handles all of our real estate transactions.  Our goal is to make the buying or selling of real estate a good experience. Our goal is to efficiently and accurately close your real estate transaction in a timely manner.  

Our staff will coordinate the closing process by working with the buyer and seller to obtain all of the necessary information to order an abstract of title.  From there, our attorneys review the abstract to ensure that your purchase is secure.  If there is a problem or cloud on the title, we promptly bring it to your attention and perform the curative work necessary to ensure your title is merchantable. Additionally, Wayne Kuhn and Matt Garver are both title insurance agents with First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana. As title agents, Wayne and Matt can offer you insurance on your most important asset, which is peace of mind.